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Hydrotherapy and Aqua-Yoga for Health and WEll-being

May 3, 2016 1:45:34 PM / by Deb Cox posted in Aqua therapy


Aquatic yoga uses the water as a support to give you the confidence to try this exercise program. See for yourself.  

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The key to Senior health and wellbeing is a hydrotherapy pool

Apr 11, 2016 8:00:05 AM / by Deb Cox posted in senior aquatic therapy, group pool exercise, Senior Care Centers, Aqua therapy


When the residents of Plymouth Place Senior Living choose an activity, they hit the water. Exercising, therapy, and fun become one in this state-of-the-art hydrotherapy pool, keeping them healthy and happy. 

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Effective Hydrotherapy Exercises for Treating Anterior Shoulder Dislocation - Infographic

Mar 31, 2016 10:38:39 AM / by SwimEx posted in hydrotherapy, Warm Water Therapy, water therapy, Physical Therapy, pool exercise, Aquatic exercise, athletic training

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Anterior shoulder dislocation is a common injury, especially for athletes and active individuals. It's important for the injury to heal completely, but many times the patient will want to remain active during the progression process. One way to treat the injury yet still maintain fitness is through hydrotherapy. 

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water therapy: basic tools & tips

Mar 8, 2016 2:30:00 PM / by Deb Cox posted in hydrotherapy, water therapy, water exercises


The typical patient will find the aquatic environment to be desirable, beneficial, and productive. Water therapy can be performed in any pool but there are additional functionalities and basics a therapist should consider when choosing the right one for the patient and the treatment plan. 
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Effective Hydrotherapy exercises for Lumbar Disc Herniation - Infographic 3

Mar 1, 2016 2:30:00 PM / by SwimEx posted in hydrotherapy, Warm Water Therapy, water therapy, pool exercise, Aquatic exercise


The third infographic in our hydrotherapy exercise for common injury series explores an exercise plan for a lumbar disc herniation. Hydrotherapy is a powerful alternative to surgery and effectively helps manage this injury. 

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