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SwimEx is the Key for Knee Rehab

Aug 7, 2009 3:52:47 AM / by Suzanne

Rachel and Mark Hendrickson, owners of Heartland Ranch in Arizona, started looking for a therapy pool when Rachel needed knee replacement surgery. After much research, she decided on SwimEx.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with the pool and how it works. I have had an excellent recovery and have nearly full range of motion, painless, with my new knee. The SwimEx shortened my recovery and helped me get muscle tone back much faster,” Rachel says.

Getting back on her feet quickly was important to Rachel, because running a ranch means there are always chores to do.

Rachel first found SwimEx online as she was conducting research, and was intrigued to find that so many professional trainers use it. Being a Master’s level swimmer, she had high expectations and appreciates SwimEx’s strong, deep current and paddlewheel that creates a ‘wall of water.’

“I tried them all, and this was the only one that gave me a natural-feeling current to swim against, and which I could not out-swim. It’s the only one with a current that stretched pretty much the width of the pool and deep enough to keep my arm stroke in it. With the closest competitor, Endless Pools, the current is only 2’x2’ and it’s easy to drift out of the current,” she says.

The 500-OS home swim spa she chose uses side channels as a water return system enabling a greater water depth and faster water speeds. Its variable speed control enables up to 99 different counter current speeds.

“What I like best is I get a true swimming experience, at whatever speed and temperature I want, without annoying jets in my face and without being able to out-swim the unit. I don’t think I’ll ever out-swim the SwimEx.”

The Hendrickson’s installed the pool and built a pool house over it so Rachel can swim in any weather. She now uses the pool three times a week for both rehab and conditioning, helping to ease the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and high cholesterol. She does her workouts while listening to Anne Murray: on the faster songs she swims and on the slower songs she does her aquatic therapy. “In 45 minutes I have a really good workout,” she says.

“The SwimEx has been a lifesaver for me, literally, it is a real therapy pool. It has helped tremendously with my rheumatoid arthritis, to maintain mobility of the joints and to reduce joint pain. With the high cholesterol, I’m hoping I won’t have to take as much medication because of my swimming workout. The SwimEx has definitely improved my performance.”

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Written by Suzanne

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