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Children's Rehabilitation Center at Hasbro Children's Hospital offer regions only pediatric SwimEx therapy pool

Oct 4, 2013 10:39:11 AM / by SwimEx Blog

Children's Rehabilitation Services

One of Rhode Island’s shining stars is the Children's Rehabilitation Center at Hasbro Children's Hospital. Their facility offers occupational and physical therapy services and neurological consultation to children and teenagers who have physical, developmental, behavioral, and sensory disabilities; have experienced injuries; or have other medical needs.

They also offer several specialty services including:
• Aquatic therapy
• Burn care
• Adaptive equipment clinics
• Feeding
• Neurological consult
• Serial casting
• Sensory integration therapy
• Constraint therapy

They offer the region's only pediatric SwimEx pool for Aquatic Physical Therapy. which is SwimEx 1000-T. Please check out the short video that explains the benefits of the pool. Aquatic therapy uses the unique properties of water to enhance the therapy and enable to patient to perform tasks which they couldn’t do on land. It’s works on cardio, neuroskeletal, neuromuscular issues along with dozens more.

Hasbro Children's Hospital - SwimEx therapy pool Hasbro Children's Hospital therapy pool

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