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Montreal Canadiens: hydrotherapy & plunge pools for success

Jun 2, 2014 7:04:46 AM / by Deb Cox

When one of the best NHL teams wanted a hydrotherapy pool and plunge pool, they called SwimEx. Here's what they got. 

The Montreal Canadiens use a 800TWS. With an overall depth of 66 inches (167.6cm), the 900 T is adapted with a floor insert offering a second water level anywhere from 42 inches to 54 inches (107cm to 137cm). The also use a hot and cold plunge pool for the ultimate recovery and revitalization environment for athletes.montrealcanadiens.jpg

 A Hydrotherapy room with a hot and cold plunge pool has the ability to revolutionize how athletes train, recover, and rehabilitate. Aquatic exercise and rehab is both effective and efficient, minimizing joint stress, muscle soreness, pain and recovery time. For injured athletes, exercise protocols can be implemented sooner by utilizing water therapy versus traditional land exercises. For athletes looking to advance their workout sessions, and at the same time recover faster, hydrotherapy is an ideal protocol. 

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Deb Cox

Written by Deb Cox

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