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Sports teams Use Hydrotherapy Pools to stay in the game and win

Apr 12, 2015 11:19:08 PM / by Deb Cox



What do the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, Montreal Canadiens and Green Bay Packers have in common? They all use SwimEx hydrotherapy pools and plunge tanks.

These teams, along with 130 professional and collegiate organizations believe SwimEx hydrotherapy pools are a critical tool for training and rehabilitating their elite athletes. Terry Franconia insisted on a SwimEx when he managed the Red Sox and thought it was so beneficial to the team the Cleveland Indians now have one!

And, the Canadiens head athletic trainer feels the same way. “We put the athletes into the pool before they’re able to do any other exercises. Even if they’re on crutches, we can get thehydrotherapy poolm into the pool and get them moving and exercising, which speeds up their recovery,” said Graham Rynbend, head athletic trainer for the Montreal Canadiens. The team’s SwimEx 900T is equipped with an integrated treadmill and used daily to treat injured players during the hockey season. “The SwimEx is by far the most important therapy modality that we’ve added.”

With an overall water depth of 66", the 900T features a floor insert and a second water level. Therapy patients can utilize either the shallow rehab station or the deep well for various protocols. The optional integrated treadmill gives athletes the ability to run against SwimEx’s “wall of water” without bearing their full weight.

Ed Lacerte, head athletic trainer of the Boston Celtics, said the deep well and workstations in their team’s SwimEx 700T provide an effective mix of therapeutic options for recovering athletes.“Our deep water well is particularly important to us. It allows for a totally non-weight-bearing environment. Utilizing the pool’s multiple water depths and various workstations, athletes of different sizes and heights, in all stages of injury recovery, can run, swim, or complete prescribed therapeutic exercise programs against the current,” Ed said.

GreenBay_1_600T_DW-700T_X_W_BG.jpgThe Green Bay Packers use a SwimEx hydrotherapy pool and plunge tanks to train, rehab and win. Their recently renovated hydrotherapy room features SwimEx.

Teams around the world and thousands of athletes who use SwimEx every year all have one thing in common: SwimEx helps them get back in the game fast to win. 

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Deb Cox

Written by Deb Cox

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