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Make the most out of your SwimEx 1000T - Therapy Blog

Jan 8, 2014 7:49:07 AM / by SwimEx Blog

Are you maximizing your SwimEx 1000T revenue generation potential? You can by offering "individualized classes"!

With the different areas of photoAthe 1000T you are able to service up to six persons at once: 5' area in front of current, running pad, treadmill (if you have that option), stairs, 4' area, and the deep well (photo A).

Once people are assigned to the areas, you may individualize what they need: floatation belt in deep area for running for an athlete or someone who needs to work on knee/hip active range of motion, running in place with high knees on the running pad (photo B) for a similar group of persons, walking forward/backwards/sideways on the treadmill (all ages and abilities), walking up the stairs (photo C) while holding onto a medicine ball (improve balance and total leg strength), walking across the pool in the 4' area (balance and proprioception) (photo D) and just dangling from a noodle in the deep area (great for chronic low back pain).


Allow this group to work for about 10 minutes and then rotate - if someone cannot go in the deep water- another person will get extra time there and probably be very happy.

How fast can the current be set? Having 99 different speed settings allows you to set the curr ent at a speed appropriate for each client and/or exercise. For me the ideal class size is four people because I have more options with someone even being able to swim against the current as long as the other participants don't mind some splashes here and there! Four also allows for everyone to get about 10 minutes at each exercise station.

Having many regularly scheduled classes allows participants to have options. If they have a conflict during the usual class time they attend, they will be able to go to a different class without feeling like they won't be able to keep up or fit in- YOU will help them get just what they need! Participants also hate to lose a day- some won't even sign up for a ten week program if they will miss one day- so being more flexible gets you more participants in the long run.


How does this equate an exciting revenue generator? If you charge $15 a person that becomes $90 income for 45 minutes. Do that a few times a day and then multiply by many classes in a week and you have some great income. Your only cost besides the pool maintenance is the salary for the employee who teaches the class- it needn't be a PT. We use AT's and also students who are completing or have completed their bachelors degree in exercise science. They must understand how to exercise in a pool, have CPR and AED experience as well as be trained in water rescue techniques just in case of an emergency.

Give it a try and enjoy more benefits from your SwimEX 1000T!

Submitted by Gayle Olson, MS, ATC (Over 30 years of Aquatic Experience)




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