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Triathlon Training with a SwimEx Pool – Fitness Journal

May 2, 2014 5:30:40 AM / by SwimEx Blog

Ironman Training pays off with 20lbs weight loss since January! -

"April has been a long month. My training was complicated by having eye surgery that limited my workouts some, including 2 weeks with no swimming allowed. No worries, all is ok now and back on track. Training totals for the month are Swim 26,200 yards, Bike 634 miles and Run 164 miles. The picture is of me on my bike tonight riding on the indoor trainer. Given the Winter conditions with a late Spring I have covered roughly 2000 miles in that 10 by 10 foot room on the trainer. Hopefully the snowstorm we had last Friday will be the last of the snow for the season and I can get in more outdoor biking. I am happy that I have met my weight loss goal of 20 pounds and this morning weighed in at 147 down from 170 on January 1, 2014.

May will be the hardest month yet. At this point I am physically tired and emotionally drained and yet will need to significantly up my training to break through the training wall. It gets harder to start a bike ride that will take 6+ hours to complete and then follow that with a 5+ mile run. They call a run after a long bike ride a brick, because your legs feel very tired and your feet feel very heavy like bricks for the first couple of miles. But this is where that last level of strength of character and physical effort peaks, the training build that will get me to the finish line on 6/27/14. In an event that covers 140.6 miles with cutoff times for each leg of the event there are no guarantees of finishing even with solid training, but that is where the challenge is. Keep following and see how it goes!" - - Stephen Bratton, Proud 500OS owner and Ironman


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