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86 Year Old Turns To Aquatic Therapy, Loses 18 Pounds

Feb 21, 2012 2:12:07 PM / by SwimEx Blog

Sometimes we come across a SwimEx success story that makes us smile.

At age 86, Harriet Goodwin works out three times per week with personal trainer Kate Soule at 121Fit in New Hampshire and comes in to use the pool on her own. Harriet's "Surf & Turf Workout" involves working out in the gym and in our therapy pool. 121fit is the area's only facility equipped with a state-of-the art SwimEx therapy pool designed specifically for people who experience pain, enabling them to exercise pain free. Since beginning her workouts with Kate, Harriet has lost a total of 26 inches and 18 pounds all the while inspiring us all with her can-do spirit and enthusiasm. Congrats, Harriet!

Learn more about SwimEx Aquatic Therapy Pools for physical therapy, rehab and conditioning.

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