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Aquatic Therapy and the Benefits of Current Pools

Jun 24, 2013 4:00:06 AM / by SwimEx Blog

Aqua TherapyIf your body requires some rehab, that doesn’t mean you have to go to an expensive place of rehab. Instead, work your glutes, repair your ACL, diminish your arthritis (or even ease your stress level) by committing to the best exercise of all – aquatic therapy for pain relief, anxiety and discomfort.

From accidents to sports injuries (and various types of joint pain that can pop up at any age) use a relaxed and correct resistance to maximize your rehab time. Then, resume your normal lifestyle as quickly as possible – with a pain free body to take you there!

Diminishes Joint Pressure and Swelling

Sometimes, exercise can cause your body to feel worse – not better. When you use the pool as a way to ease discomfort, improve your skin health and help repair torn ligaments, it can be an invaluable tool to cure a number of physical problems. What do you suffer from? Whether you have reoccurring headaches or a torn hamstring, aquatic therapy can prove to be just the temporary and lifelong results you need to thrive.

Aquatic Support Equals Results!

How is your out-of-water exercise plan helping you? If you’re not getting the result you want, you may not be committing to the right form of exercise. Aquatic therapy, which is a natural way to heal your body, can include water Pilates (to help you lose weight and decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes) to water massage such as Watsu (in which you are held by another to gently increase your resistance).

Whether you exercise or have rehab while submersed in water, you can be sure about one thing – aquatic therapy can repair, heal and even altogether cure your most pressing physical problems.

A Workout for the Mind and Body

Stress can come in many forms, from migraine headaches to weight gain. Why not eliminate each and every one of your anxiety prone symptoms by simply swimming, floating or even pedaling in water?

A water therapy pool works in many different ways, but first and foremost it gives you the ability to swim your way to a calm and peaceful state of mind. Being immersed in the water helps you to swim your worries away, with providing support to persistently sore joints. Studies show that aquatic therapy can improve circulation to damaged joints, allowing you to feel relieved and strong – both physically and mentally.

Who knew that a body of water could provide such calm and strength? When you apply just one water focused workout (such as with a SwimEx Aquatic Therapy pool) you improve your physical, emotional and mental health easily and affordably!

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