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Spring Triathlon Training with a SwimEx Pool – Fitness Journal

Apr 14, 2014 4:33:13 AM / by SwimEx Blog

Thanks again to those checking in to follow my progress. March has come and gone so quickly. It has been a challenging month in many ways. We continue to get snow fitness training in a swimex pooland rain in my part of the country which sometimes requires a little extra motivation to go out on those long wet runs. Work has been particularly challenging and there have been way too many birthdays, including mine (47), which have presented dieting challenges. Given the weather I have had to complete all of my biking indoors, but have been able to brave the elements for my runs.

March included a significant build in training time while trying to maintain a good amount of intensity. I swam 25,850 yards, biked 600 miles and ran 140 miles (70 hours total). I am now 3 months from my first Ironman for the year, but with 3 weeks of taper before the race that only leaves just over 2 months to build. Hopefully I can stay healthy, drop another 10 pounds and build my endurance for the race. The lake is currently 37 F and I am hoping that it warms up to 65F by race day. My long swims are starting to go more than 2 miles, long bike rides will be 90+ miles and long runs will be 14-16 miles this month. As always thanks to the folks at SwimEx for letting me share my journey with you. If anyone reading my posts has specific questions I would be happy to answer them. - Stephen Bratton, Proud 500OS owner and Ironman

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<strong>Submitted on 2014/04/14 at 7:57 am</strong>

Hi Stephen!
Love the blog! How do you keep track of how many yards you swim? Do you do it based on time or some device?

<strong>Submitted on 2014/04/15 at 8:29 am | In reply to SV</strong>


I am happy to answer any questions, thanks for asking. And I will cover all three sports in case this is helpful to anyone else also. Some folks log their workouts by time and others by distance. I prefer to use distance because on race day you need to cover that distance no matter how long it takes you. For the bike a speedometer/odometer keeps track of the distance. If I want to also look at the elevation gain of a specific workout I bring along my Garmin watch which keeps track of elevation gain, heart rate, pace, etc. For the run my Garmin GPS watch is key for distance, pace and heart rate information. Many workouts are designed for specific periods of a certain level of intensity, which is often measured by heart rate. There are other brands of GPS watches one could use, Timex also makes a good one. For the swim the SwimEx has a speed measure on it that is proportional of total current speed so say I want to swim 2000 yards at setting 66, I set it at that speed and then I get to count strokes. I know that I cover 12.5 strokes per 25 yards in a regular pool, so to swim 2000 yards I have to count 1000 strokes. Alternatively I could set intervals so that the current would change speed automatically when the time was up, but counting strokes gives me something to do while I am swimming. I use the Beginner Triathlete (BT) website for keeping track of every workout by time, distance and pace. There are a number of other locations one could use to track your progress, but I like the support of the community at BT and they have a training plan generator that is useful in helping me set up a 6 month training program for an IM or whatever. I hope that covers it, feel free to be more specific if you want me to go into more detail on anything. I know much more than you asked, but I wanted to be comprehensive.

Steve Bratton

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