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SwimEx Swim Spa Installation Slideshow

Apr 2, 2014 12:00:17 AM / by SwimEx Blog

We enjoy all our customer testimonials but this was so good we had to share! Michael took the time to chronicle the installation of his 500 OS resistance pool back in the fall with dozens of photos so we thought that it deserved a slideshow. He has used his SwimEx during this long, cold winter is very happy that he can now use the pool all spring and summer long to cool down and have a cool room to entertain in.

"We are not quite done with the inside, as we are still waiting on the craftsmen to build a custom closet for gear, and a table for socializing, so those will come around Thanksgiving. As you can see from the last few pictures from the outside, the building itself, IMHO, looks like it was part of the original house. They did a great job. And I'm really loving the pool. I swim every morning for about 25 minutes, and frequently in the afternoon for another 25 minutes. When I used to trudge to the pool at Boston Sports Club, because it was a hike, I pushed myself to swim for 45 minutes to sort of justify the trip. Breaking up the swim into more bit-size chunks fits my day like a charm, and is really good for the various ailments of aging. I'm very satisfied." - Michael Barach, MA

Expert pool installation performed by TechnoPure and quality finished construction by Integrity Building out of Acton, MA.






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