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SwimEx Makes Splash Across the Pond

Aug 7, 2009 1:31:29 AM / by Suzanne

Robert Beckett of Belfast, Ireland, first caught the home hydrotherapy bug at a boat show in England. He began a flurry of research to compare performance, and decided to purchase the SwimEx 500OS, a self-contained unit with plenty of depth and power for proper support during therapy in the event of injury. He and his wife currently use it to relieve back and neck pain.

“I chose SwimEx, very simply, because I didn't want a toy! I wanted a strong current to swim against and jets could not achieve the same effect as the paddle wheel. The paddle wheel makes the full width of the pool water move towards me, whereas pools with jets can push you to one side, or not support you in the flow. After trial swims in both types of pools, I knew the SwimEx delivered the goods,” Robert says.

A true competitor, he chose the 7.5 horsepower option so that he’ll have the capacity to improve his speed. “Plus my son is a strong swimmer and my brother-in-law is a triathlete, so I wanted to make sure they wouldn't be able to beat the flow!”

Robert says he also didn’t like the appearance of Endless pools, and appreciates SwimEx’s smooth look that would look great in any home situation and not have to be hidden away.

Swimming against the current three to four times a week, Robert reports he has more energy and stamina, feels more agile and is in better shape. “It gives me a good cardio workout in a short time, so when I go trekking it's easier to get up hills without running out of steam!”

Overseas delivery not a problem
As with any major purchase, you want the process to go smoothly, especially when buying from overseas. With a background in international import and export, Robert understood the possible concerns but found the SwimEx experience to be hassle-free.

“In my discussions with SwimEx I found the staff very helpful and things couldn't have gone more smoothly. Once the pool had been ordered and was ready for shipment, SwimEx organized the freight and insurance to Belfast. The shipping agents in Belfast recommended a local haulage company who arranged collection from the docks and stored the pool for a week until we were ready to install. My builder had installed many full size swimming pools locally and knew what he was doing. Everyone, from SwimEx through the installer, was both professional and careful which made it look very easy. In fact it went swimmingly!”

Robert advises anyone from outside the States who has decided that they want a treadmill/hydrotherapy pool not to be put off because of the shipping distance. “SwimEx is the best product for the job, and their team knows how to take the pain out of the purchase and shipping process.”

And while the exchange rate is favorable right now, Robert offers some sage financial advice. “It's worth looking at the exchange rate and buying currency forward, so that there aren't any surprises if the exchange rate with the dollar goes the wrong way.”

A great workout leads to a new career
A recent retiree, Robert loves his SwimEx so much he’s thinking of becoming a dealer for the UK, Ireland and Europe.

“I now know it's the best in the market and I see opportunity to expand. I like the people I've talked to at SwimEx and I think I could work with them to add value to their business. And at the end of the day, what more enjoyment can you get than selling a great product to like-minded people?”

We couldn’t agree more.

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Written by Suzanne

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