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SwimEx on the high seas!

Oct 9, 2012 9:39:14 AM / by Suzanne

SwimEx on the high seas!

SwimEx pools are everwhere—in houses, hospitals, professional team training facilities, veterinarian clinics and physical therapy centers.

And in 2013, a Swim

Ex 500 OS will be sitting on the deck of one of the world’s most beautiful superyachts.

Famed Italian ship builder Perini Navi is installing a SwimEx 500 OS on its C2189, the 240-foot/73m flagship of the Picchiotti Vitruvius superyacht series. The C2189 will feature a plumb line bow for reduced hydrodynamic drag, as well as a sushi bar, gym, sauna, steam bath and hydrotherapy equipment.

See it here and read more about it here.

Given that the yacht’s range will allow it to visit the most far-flung locations on the planet, the onboard SwimEx will be customized for rough seas. It will feature a quick-draining system in case of a storm, as well as oversized heaters to warm the water quickly. The pool is also fitted with additional underwater lights and standard massage jets.

Imagine swimming laps in the SwimEx’s smooth current while lights from Monte Carlo, Amalfi or Rio de Janeiro dapple the water around you. If you’re lucky enough to be aboard the Picchiotti Vitruvius C2189, your dreams may turn real…

SwimEx. Go with the Flow.

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Written by Suzanne

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