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SwimEx Pool in Connecticut

Aug 6, 2014 11:43:30 AM / by SwimEx Blog

This 400 OS pool owner in Connecticut had her pool installed in a barn type structure building to match the rest of the farm setting.

The building looks like a barn so it blends in with the rest of the property. It has a 12 foot sliding door opens so it is like swimming outside. I use the pool for exercise and swim about 30-60 mins a day. - Christine in CT

We think her dog likes the pool also!

Pool specs: 400 OS with propane heater. The 400 OS home swim spa is one of the world's finest fiberglass swimming pools - it is constructed in a one-piece design with no seams, has a uniform water depth of 42 inches. The paddlewheel-generated counter-current extends 18 inches deep and is driven by the standard 5-hp drive system. The water circulates through the false bottom floor of the 400 OS home swimspa, creating a smooth, laminar flow.


pool1 pool2


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