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SwimEx pool installation photo gallery

Jun 11, 2014 5:21:00 AM / by SwimEx

A common question we get asked is "How difficult is it to install a SwimEx pool?". View the photos below of a pool installation in Seattle, WA. They went with a below ground installation covered by a custom pool enclosure for year round swimming enjoyment and fitness!

SwimEx pools can be installed indoors, outdoors, above ground, inground, or partially inground. What's more, a SwimEx is free-standing and moveable; additional support is not required. Our one-piece seamless design means no assembly required, great for new construction and open installations. For easy access into existing space, choose from our four-piece designs* assembled on-site. SwimEx pools have been featured in Coastal Living, Ocean Home Magazine, Luxury Pools, and Dwell magazine. They have been shipped and installed all across the United States and Canada in addition to Mexico, Russia, Europe, South American, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, China and Dubai and basically worldwide!

After: Stylish and Functional Swim Spa Workout Room


Before: Shady Spot on the Side of the House

hm_install01 hm_install02hm_install03



* = Models with an "0" in the name are one-piece only designs.

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Written by SwimEx

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