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Adding a Swim Spa to your home is easier than ever!

Aug 10, 2013 10:33:54 AM / by SwimEx Blog

Indoor Residential SwimEx Pool Indoor Residential SwimEx Pool

Do you live in Arizona, New York or Wisconsin? No matter where in the country you may live, a pool can make a great lifestyle perfect! Think about the following: It’s Saturday, and you would be enjoying your weekend, had it not been for the crowds at your community gym. You love to swim laps, but don’t like the idea of sharing the lap pool with strangers. And while you would enjoy running in the outdoors, it’s just too hot for exercise to be tolerable.

Focus on multitasking in a healthy way, and give yourself two gifts in one – a pool with a current. Most people think that a pool is expensive, high maintenance and doubtful that in the end, it’s worth it. But the reality is, a pool of your very own (and one that includes a current for something ‘extra’ that can take your workout to the next level) is one of the easiest and most amazing additions to your home you can take on.

It pays you back, time and time again. It gives you the privacy you need for an inclusive workout, day or night. And, when you add in a current in your pool, you can actually improve your physical and mental health. Have questions about whether or not you should? Here are some of the best benefits that a current in your pool can offer you!

It’s as Relaxing as Meditation

Who says you have to head to your local Buddhist shrine or a meditation room to relax, breathe deeply and give yourself a place to enjoy the moment? When you put a current into your pool, you can instantly feel relaxed and at peace with your surroundings, and with yourself. Swim in the privacy of your home with a gentle underwater current, and feel a sense of calm and restorative pleasure in your day.

It Can Boost Your Mood Within Minutes

Swimming laps, treading in water and practicing your diving skills is one of the best workouts you can ever do. But add a current to your pool, and you’ll instantly feel happier, healthier and fitter! Currents and whirlpools are no stranger to a person’s health program. In fact, back in the 1900’s, water currents were used to help men and women overcome depression, anxiety and mood disorder. As studies were conducted, scientists discovered that a simple current in water could take someone from mad to glad in a short period of time, and done consistently, it can allow you a tool to help cope with stress and anxiety before it becomes too overwhelming to handle.

It Can Be the Rehabilitation Your Body Needs

Who says you have to spend thousands of dollars on physical therapists to help your aching muscles or injured joints recover? A pool current can actually help you to loosen and repair your body from pain, decrease discomfort from arthritis, and even help treat your body after a sport injury. Move your legs, arms, core and back in your pools current, and you’ll have double the workout, without the risk of inflammation as some outside-of-the-water workouts can cause.

Give your pool a current, and you can maximize your physical, mental and emotional health. It’s easy to do, and once you add one into your at-home pool, you may just wonder how you ever lived without one.

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