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A recent email from a SwimEx Therapy Pool owner

Aug 12, 2009 9:03:34 AM / by Suzanne

“We are so proud of our SwimEx pool. It has been such a phenomenal success and has gone way beyond our expectations. We are booked solid and are open 12 hours a day. The SwimEx sets us apart from other practices. We looked at all the other products on the market and decided on SwimEx. SwimEx is the Porsche of pools. The company was extremely helpful throughout the process and it was a very positive experience. We had 11 agencies to pass for approvals and the SwimEx passed all inspections the first time around. We can easily transport wheelchair patients into the pool and have been very pleased with the design of our space. We are treating a large number of veterans and they are so thrilled with our SwimEx pool and the treatment we are able to provide.” – Debra Lafreniere

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Written by Suzanne

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