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"Nothing Compares To A SwimEx Pool"

Feb 21, 2012 2:24:57 PM / by SwimEx Blog

Performance Fitness in California is a real innovator when it comes to bridging the gap between physical therapy and life long fitness. Aquatics is a key component. We are thrilled that this premier fitness center chose SwimEx and are delighted to hear positive results from its staff.


Check out this review on their website:

"We offer 2 state of the art SwimEx Pools. Nothing compares to a SwimEx Pool. Traditional lap pools have absolutely nothing on a SwimEx inground lap swimming pool other than size and a lot of maintenance. In a SwimEx swim-in-place pool, you get the invigorating workouts you desire and perform the same workouts you would in a longer lap pool. Even better, you can swim a mile’s worth of laps without making turn after turn to disrupt your flow.

SwimEx counter current swimming pools are the most powerful current pools on the market. This unique and patented paddlewheel technology creates the widest, deepest and strongest river counter current in the industry - reaching speeds of up to 6.5-mph*!

An industrial electric gearmotor and variable speed control system is used to drive the paddlewheel, enabling up to 40 different counter current speeds - making SwimEx the innovative leader in current swimming pools.

All speed adjustments are made via air controls mounted at the front of the pool for easy adjustment while swimming or exercising. A rear-mounted air-controlled automatic shut-off bar disconnects power to the paddlewheel motor by contact.

The SwimEx counter current paddlewheel drive system is controlled by a 5-hp or 7.5-hp variable speed gearmotor. The gearmotor is attached directly to the current pool and requires no additional support.

Be sure to ask a staff member for instruction on use of these specialized pools or schedule an Aqua Fitness Training Session to learn how to maximize your workout in this unique aquatic facility.

Please note there is no lifequard on duty.

The fitness pool temperature is kept at approximately 85° and our rehabilitation pool at 94°.

The pool chemistry is checked daily and the pools cleaned frequently to ensure your health and safety. Please read pool rules for more information."

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