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Atlanta Woman Suffering From Osteoporosis Improves Overall Health With Swimming

Dec 8, 2011 2:39:09 PM / by Suzanne

Fall River, Mass. – A routine bone density test showed that 62-year-old Rebecca Pinckney was suffering from osteoporosis, a common type of bone disease that affects 1 out of 5 American women over the age of 50. “You don't even know that you have it until you have a bone density test,” says Rebecca. Doctors urged Rebecca to try medication and exercise to help strengthen her bones. Meanwhile, her and husband tried to devise a workout program that would fit their lifestyle, “as far as aerobic exercise, we tried cycling and running but swimming was hands down over everything else.”

The Pinckney couple decided to install a 600s SwimEx pool outside their Atlanta home, enabling Rebecca to incorporate swimming into her daily exercise routine, “I needed some resistance training wonderful for upper body. This is excellent for aerobic therapy and great for just overall health. I love to swim.”

According to LiveStrong.com swimming is a great alternative to traditional workouts, “Swimming represents the safest form of whole-body exercise for people with osteoporosis and is ideal for those who are recovering from fractures, as well as for those with joint and muscle weakness, since your risk for falling is minimal. The aerobic activity increases the function of your cardiovascular system and improves your mood, because your body releases endorphins--sometimes called natural painkillers. Swimming burns calories, which allows you to lose weight even during periods of reduced mobility. Water exercise also increases your stamina, so you'll have more energy to perform daily activities that can often be difficult for those who suffer from osteoporosis.”

Although the installation process had its challenges, Rebecca and her husband Fred were determined to create a perfect swim oasis in their picturesque backyard. “The setting was a bit unusual and it required a crane to lift the pool over our hills and onto the deck - it was a lot of fun to watch the process. The builder and architect we used caught the vision. We love it.”

Two years after Rebecca began her osteoporosis treatment, her condition has improved drastically. She credits SwimEx for helping her get her body back on track, “swimming has been a wonderful contributing factor. In the pool, I can use free weights to draw circles through the arms, use resistance bands, or just play some music in my CD player and practice strokes.”

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/403336-swimming-for-osteoporosis/#ixzz1afjKlFLq

About Swim Ex:

SwimEx specializes in the design and manufacturing of superior fiberglass rehab and exercise swim spa pools for home and professional use. Our focus is centered upon controlling the therapeutic properties of water used for aquatic therapy to provide a nearly stress-free environment for rehabilitation. SwimEx is dedicated to building the finest swim spa swimming pools and rehabilitation equipment for home, sports, therapy and healthcare.

For more information on SwimEx, visit www.swimex.com

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Written by Suzanne

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